Oliver Gilan

Hello, this site is a public slice of my personal journal where I share what I’m interested in and what I’ve learned — usually about engineering, business, and life. A few of the problems I’m currently spending a lot of time thinking about are the ability (or lack thereof) to create great software at scale, creating artificial organs, and optimizing my personal health.

My long-form writing is posted on my blog while my thoughts that aren’t fleshed out enough for a full entry are posted as a stream of consciousness. I’m currently compiling a list of the 100 books that I would read over and over again and I maintain a blogroll of writings and websites I love to read.


  • Height: 5'11
  • Weight: 147lbs
  • VO2 Max: 58 ml/kg/min
  • T-Level: 943 ng/dL
  • Bench Press ORM: 150lbs
  • 1-mile PR: 5:50
  • 10-mile PR: 1:27:04 (8:41/mi)
  • Resting HR (7d avg): 51bpm

You can email me at blog (at) olivergilan.com or reach me at the following links: